Located along scenic Route 6 within the Pennsylvania Wilds in McKean County, Smethport offers visitors a unique glimpse of the Gilded Era, featuring over 30 architectural gems constructed during the 1880s. Here you can enjoy a variety of quaint shops, dine at one of our locally owned restaurants, or take in fresh, country air while hiking picturesque trails or relaxing on the banks of nearby Hamlin Lake.

Distances from Smethport

Smethport, PA - Distances to other cities

Baltimore, MD – 304 mi
Boston, MA – 470 mi
Buffalo, NY – 98 mi
Chicago, IL – 472 mi
Cincinnati, OH – 453 mi
Cleveland, OH – 212 mi
Detroit, MI – 390 mi
Erie, PA – 116 mi
Harrisburg, PA – 210 mi
Indianapolis, IN – 520 mi
New York, NY – 320 mi
Pittsburgh, PA – 156 mi
Toronto, Canada – 196 mi
Washington, DC – 340 mi

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